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Mate’ Factor


Maté Factor is located on the corner of Habersham and East Hall Streets. Maté Factor is housed in a cozy little building. This building was lovingly crafted, from the ground up, and inside-out, by Commonwealth Construction.  This location makes it accessible to residents of both the Historic District and the Victorian District, and it is just a few blocks away from Forsyth Park. The interior of Mate’ Factor is of warm wood, and the cozy nooks, tables and chairs give the place an intimate charm. Soft lighting and touches like fresh flowers only add to the sense of serenity of this place.

Maté Factor serves yerba mate’ drinks, in a variety of ways. Yerba maté comes from the leaves of the South American rainforest holly tree, and is a natural source of caffeine. The drink menu at Maté Factor has both hot and cold drinks, such as coffee, espresso, tea, and of course yerba mate’. During the hot days of summer, we find ourselves heading over for one of the Iced Drinks, which comes in flavors like Mango-peach and Hibiscus. Maté Factor also has a Latte menu, with various incarnations of yerba maté mixed with coffees, teas, and steamed milk. These include flavors like Green Chai and Mayan Mocha. 

Maté Factor

Maté Factor also offers a wide selection of breads and pastries, all of which are homemade. Cinnamon rolls, sweet potato poundcakes, and date squares are a staple, with rotating seasonal flavors of muffins. For those looking for something more savory and substantial, Maté Factor also has sandwiches that are made to order on their homemade bread, such as the Egg and Cheese Sandwich, the Deli Rose, and Veggie Burger. 

Even if you’re not familiar with yerba maté, give this place a try. Maté Factor is the perfect place to stop in, grab something yummy, and relax. 

Maté Factor

401 E Hall St, Savannah, GA 31401

Closed Saturdays 

(912) 235-2906


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