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Ardsley Park

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Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park, or “Ardsley,” as it’s affectionately called by the locals, is a widely-popular area of Savannah for shopping, dining, and most-importantly, buying and renting homes. The proper name of this area is called “Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent.” Originally developed in 1910 as two planned subdivisions, Ardsley Park is located between Downtown Savannah and Midtown Savannah. It is bounded by Victory Drive on the north, Waters Avenue on the east, Bull Street on the west, and Columbus Drive on south. Many now consider the southern border of Ardsley Park to have stretched beyond Columbus Drive to DeRenne Avenue. The layout of Ardsley Park is significant because it is a 20th-century variant of James Oglethorpe’s original city plan. Chatham Crescent, which is located within Ardsley Park, is a lovely and rare example in Georgia of Beaux Arts-influenced, “City Beautiful” type plan with a grand mall, crescent-shaped avenues, and small circular parks incorporated into a basic grid pattern.

The most noticeable things about Ardsley Park are the homes. When you ride through, it seems that no two are the same style. The predominantly single-family homes of one and two-stories include a variety of eclectic twentieth-century styles that range from classic textbook to local whimsy. Many of these homes have sunrooms, free-standing garages, and medium to large-size porches. On-street parking is common, but for the most part plentiful. It’s a rare occasion that you’ll have to drive around and around trying to find a parking spot that is close to your home of choice.

Ardsley Park is also full of smaller circular parks. While most of these are fairly nondescript, they are nonetheless quietly and simplistically beautiful, which is why they are a popular gathering place for Ardsley Park residents. Many families of Ardsley also enjoy Hull Park, which contains a ball field, playground, and small water playground. These parks and Ardsley Park’s proximity to schools such as Jacob G. Hill Elementary School and Savannah Arts Academy, make Ardsley a popular place to live for young and growing families.

Ardsley Park is also home to the bustling Habersham Village, a cluster of shops and restaurants that are grouped around Habersham Street. Habersham Village includes stores such as the timeless Jones’ Red & White Grocery, Habersham Beverage Mart, Rite Aid Pharmacy, TailSpin (pet supplies), and Punch and Judy (baby boutique). The village also includes a wide variety of restaurants such as Bella’s Italian Cafe’ (an Ardsley Park classic and longtime favorite), Barberito’s, Bar-Food, The Five Spot, and Coffee-Deli. With so many options in such close proximity to each other and to the homes surrounding them, Habersham Village makes Ardsley Park a neighborhood that has a level of comfort and accessibility. That, combined with the neighborhood’s proximity to Downtown Savannah and the affordable and varied housing options available make Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent an enviable choice for homebuyers both new and old to Savannah.

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