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Gordonston Homes

There’s Lot to Love About Homes in Gordonston

There's Lot to Love About Homes in Gordonston

For those looking for something just a bit farther from the bustle of downtown, the the homes in Gordonston are just far enough away to afford quiet while still being conveniently close to both the downtown and Southside areas of Savannah. Created by Juliette Gordon Low (founder of the Girl Scouts of America) and other members of the Gordon family as the second planned subdivision in Savannah. This neighborhood rests on a triangle of land, bounded by Skidaway Road on the south, Pennsylvania Avenue on the east, and Gwinnett Street on the north. Much like the Victorian District it was considered a “trolley suburb,” as it was located on the Thunderbolt streetcar line.

Gordonston’s focal point is Pierpont Circle, which has broad avenues radiating from it like spokes on a wheel, and the 6-acre community park donated by Juliette Gordon Low to the neighborhood in 1926. A small, ordinary brown building located at the center of the park known as Calder Cottage is available for neighborhood meetings and can be rented for events. The building was donated to the neighborhood in 1948 by the Union Bag and Paper Corporation, which is known nowadays as International Paper. The park was also well-known for its impressive wrought-iron gates, which were made by Juliette Gordon Low herself, who was a skilled iron-worker. Although the original gates have since been relocated to Low’s home in Downtown Savannah, they have been replaced by handsome replicas.

Among the homes in Gordonston are a variety of historic Savannah residences, ranging in popular styles of those from the 1910s to the 1950s. From Craftsman-style bungalows to Colonial Revival-style homes and ranch houses, the appeal of this family-oriented neighborhood is echoed in the sweet charm of its houses.

The neighborhood association for homes in Gordonston has been going strong for over 60 years now, and the residents gather regularly for neighborhood events such as oyster roasts, art sales, and various holiday events. The owners of these historic Savannah homes also share a strong sense of community with informal daily gatherings and events, making Gordonston an ideal place for young families. Despite this neighborhood’s proximity to both the downtown areas and to the ever-growing Skidaway/Victory corridor, Gordonston manages to maintain an atmosphere of close-knit camaraderie and tranquility that makes it a desirable location to live and start a family in Savannah.


Dine: Desposito’s, Sisters of the New South
Do: Whole Foods, Home Depot
See: Bonaventure Cemetery,  Pierpont Circle

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