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5 Things Property Management Want Tenants to Know

Expectations Don’t Always Reflect Reality

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The relationship between a tenant and a property management has great potential, but tenants should understand that holding their property management team to unrealistic standards isn’t going to make any kind of magic happen; instead, it will often result in unhappiness from both sides and negatively affect both the tenant and the property manager’s experience. Don’t misunderstand, a “good” tenant isn’t one who never contacts their property manager and tries to tackle every problem themselves. Instead, keep these ideas in mind when working with a property manager/property management team:


Understand that a “real” emergency does warrant contacting your property management team. Incidents involving fire, water damage and security issues all warrant an immediate call to your property management team so that they can give the matter their prompt attention and prevent any further property damage. See our emergency guidelines

Be Considerate

Try to be aware of the property management team’s workflow patterns — simply put, don’t assume that because a property manager isn’t necessarily a 9-to-5 job that they don’t attempt to organize and schedule their existing days. If you have a non-emergency issue, don’t wait until 5pm on a Friday afternoon to call your property manager about it. If you call earlier in the day, you will make it easier for your property management team to include your work order in their existing schedule for the day, which means that they can address your issue that much quicker.

Be Patient

Another thing to remember is that for most property management companies, the after-hours call service is not a magic wand. While the call service is an extension of the property management team, and is certainly there to field questions and to immediately notify the team of emergency situations, the call service is not there to resolve non-emergency issues such as a neighbor’s barking dog or a flickering street light. The call service will notify the property management team of non-emergency matters such as these, but will not offer immediate resolution of the issue. Calling repeatedly for non-emergency issues is not likely to net a result any quicker.


Don’t put off turning in a work order until it will seem convenient for you. Instead, go ahead and reach out to your property management team and make them aware of the problem, and then they can work with you to have the issue resolved around your schedule. For instance, if your washing machine is on the fritz but you decide to wait until your day off to call the property manager, and then they come out and discover that repairs and parts are needed, you’ve added an extra week to the time that it can be fixed. But if you go ahead and contact your property manager, let them know what’s going on and then set up a time for maintenance to check it out, then everyone is already aware of the issue and can work together to expedite the repairs of the machine.

It’s a Two Way Street

Providing residents with superior customer service doesn’t relieve residents of personal responsibility. Having rules and guidelines in place ensure that the property management team is consistent in dealing with each and every resident. Residents have a duty to adhere to the guidelines set by the property management company. By not looking for “special treatment” or “bending the rules” simply for personal comfort and convenience, residents make it easier for the property management company to provide a superior level of service to all residents, and that means a more positive living experience for all residents, instead of just some.

Bottom Line

Owning an investment property is full time commitment. Cora Bett Thomas Property Management has the experience and the know how to ensure both the property owner and the tenant have a positive experience.


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