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The Freshest Morning in Savannah

Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market


Forsyth Park, located in the Savannah Historic District, is quite possibly one of the most recognizable landmarks in Savannah, even if some people can identify it (“Hey, look! It’s that fountain!”) But for the locals, living near Forsyth Park is even better on Saturday mornings, and it’s all because of Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market. Located at the north end of the park, the market has rapidly gained popularity among Savannahians, and has become a fixture of the community. Because the Market brings in vendors from Savannah and the surrounding areas, locals get a chance to sample the very best that the Coastal Empire has to offer in terms of locally-produced  products.

Originally founded in 2009, Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market was initially conceived as means of addressing food and food access concerns throughout the community. Because of this fundamental idea, the Forsyth Farmer’s Market allows only food and plant products, and while it does actively seek to provide a variety of local vendors from Southern and Middle Georgia, all vendors must produce 75% of the products they sell to participate in the market. Since food access also figures prominently into the conception of Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market, a token system was implemented, in which shoppers can use SNAPS (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, formerly known as food stamps). As a matter of fact, the FFM was one of the first farmer’s markets in the nation to implement such a system, and through community outreach and education has doubled the amount of shoppers who use it.



6 years later, the Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market is a bustling hub of community activity every Saturday morning. Vendors arrive early to be ready to sell at 9am, and the market stays open until 1pm; although, don’t be surprised if the popular vendors sell out before that time (we just missed nabbing the last basket of chanterelle mushrooms last weekend). At the very north end of the park is the main tent, where you can purchase tokens. While many of the FFM vendors have embraced technology and will accept credit cards, some vendors are cash only. If you forget to pay a visit to the ATM before arriving at the park, you may want to stop and grab some tokens first.

The vendors come to Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market from all over the region, and their wares are spread out under nondescript tents and tarps in a dazzling display of color and shape. The vegetable farmers, such as Adam’s Farm, Ogeechee River Gardens, Berry Farms, Walker Organic Farms and Canewater Farm will usually have baskets filled with fruits and vegetables — what you’ll find depends on the season, of course. For any true Savannahian (adopted or otherwise), the baskets of blushing peaches work their magic, and many a shopper fall under their spell, leaving the park with at least a peach or five. For those who prefer their fruit in a little less natural form, the King of Pops is usually in attendance, selling delicious gourmet popsicles, as well as tents selling natural fruit juices and cold brewed coffees to enjoy on your walk home.


Other food vendors, besides produce, also populate the park: there is Castra Rota, whose freshly-baked breads have made me vow to never give up carbs, and Bootleg Farms, one of several dairy farms with delicious cheeses and samples. FFM also has its share of honey vendors as well, including Readee’s Bees and Avondale Apiary, both of which primarily sell delicious local honey (that’s also good for you!) — I highly recommend the Jalapeño Honey, which you can purchase in a variety of sizes. Three Sisters Farm, out of Bluffton, South Carolina brighten their space with bouquets of all shapes and sizes, featuring flowers fresh from their farm in riot of colors; it’s not uncommon to see stalks of brilliantly colored gladiolus or the happily bobbing heads of sunflowers making their way through the park as shoppers carry them from the Three Sisters Farm tent to their new home.

Savannah’s Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market is filling a highly valuable niche in the community through its efforts to educate on food accessibility and sustainability. The wares offered by FFM vendors every weekend make it easy for everyone to shop for healthy and fresh food, and that strengthens us individually and as a community.

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