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Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar

Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar opened downtown on Ellis Square in 2015 to much success. Although there was Sorry Charlie’s previously in the same space, the  2015 iteration opened after a complete teardown and rebuild of the building’s interior under the guidance of new ownership. Located on the first floor of the historic Gibbons Range building, in the heart of Historic Downtown Savannah, the bar and seafood restaurant rapidly gained favor with visitors and local Savannahians alike. 

With the acquisition of the building next door in 2018, Sorry Charlie’s temporarily closed its doors in mid 2019 to complete the renovation of Gibbons Range building and also to connect and renovate this new space. The restaurant’s owners took this opportunity to update the main floor, while building out the second floor into a Tiki bar, renovating a third floor banquet hall, and creating a new rooftop bar and seating area. This second phase has been a labor of love, with much time being taken and attention given to preserving the historic integrity of the building. 

The renovations to the Gibbons Range building and the adjacent space has allowed for the expansion of the basement and main floor kitchen areas, as well as the creation of stairwells, utility and elevator shafts for public and staff access. One of the most significant additions to the main floor of Sorry Charlie’s is the creation of a new raw bar, with seating available. The bartop for this raw bar will be made of the same material as the beloved bartop currently in Sorry Charlie’s — only in white instead of black. Other “Phase 2” updates include a tongue-in-groove ceiling, updated light fixtures, a new sound system, high speed internet, and a new building-wide HVAC system. The entrance will also be moving just a bit farther east along Congress Street, so patrons will enter directly into the raw bar area.

Reopening August 24, Sorry Charlie’s will be offering the same menu items, including fresh oysters from around the country. It has maintained its close relationships with local providers, especially its oyster purveyors. As Sorry Charlie’s progresses into Phase 3 and the launch of its upstairs spaces and event areas, it will be looking to hire new staff members to be serving the multiple floors. 

As eager as customers are for Sorry Charlie’s to reopen, rest assured that the Sorry Charlie’s gang are no less eager. The entire team has recently been on site, moving furniture and appliances, cleaning, stocking, and doing whatever is needed to get ready for re-opening. Besides the introduction of new spaces, Sorry Charlie’s will also be welcoming new General Manager,  Brian Fogarty. A Savannah native who has recently moved back from Atlanta, Brian is ready to share his experience and is eager to step in and lead Sorry Charlie’s into its latest and greatest incarnation.

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